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Key Keys is AKC registered and was born in January 2010. She was bred by me and will be retiring in late June after she spayed and has her teeth cleaned. Keys is a strange little doggy. She only comes to you when she wants something. She is not a lover, but tollerates love. When I call her, she comes, but only lets me pick her up on her terms. She always goes to one spot before letting me pick her up. She will run from one spot to another and finally go to that spot, very strange. She is a super healthy dog. She also has a tendency to get a little aggressive with weaker dogs. She would be great as a companion for a 7 pound male dog or a sweet 8 or 9 pound dog. She needs to be with another dog because she likes dogs more than people. She would not be good in a pack of dogs because she will start trouble. She is not aggressive towards humans, but does not like strangers. She does not bark and get annoying. She just ignores people.
Her adoption fee is $250 which is what it will cost to spay her and clean her teeth again. By the way, her teeth are in great shape because I keep up with all my dogs teeth. Keys is also microchipped.
Keys is trained to go on a pee pee pad that has a rug over it. She goes on it most of the time, but sometimes misses by a foot.
If you have a house full of carpet, you would not be happy with her.

Write for more pictures or information. Email: ueyspups@yahoo.com
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to call Jeanne at 352-347-0404 and email me. This way, you are sure to contact me. (No Texting HOME PHONE)
I  always have older chihuahuas (more than 9 years old) available for free.  I do not post them on my site. like my younger ones below.   Some of them are beautiful and super sweet.   Some of them only love me and do not warm up to strangers.  Some have health problems and are on medication.   They are seniors that deserve to be spoiled and loved in a family setting rather than being a part of a pack like they are here.  That is why I will give them away, but only to the right person.  If you cannot prove to me that you have taken care of a senior dog in the past and provided the best care via a vet refference, there is no way I will give you one of these babies.  If  you are worthy and can prove it, feel free to call me to find out who I have that is not posted be.  

Just in case you are wondering how in the world can a person breed a dog for 6 or 7 years and then sell them to another owner.  My answer to you is as follows: I think it is better for everyone that way. The new owner gets a great little doggy friend. The dog gets more attention, and I have more love for the ones that are still here. I have been breeding for over 20 years. If I did not retire most of my older dogs, I would have too many dogs here and would not be able to properly care for them all. I would much rather find a home like I found for Lola pictured above (left front). This is the type of home I am looking for for all my puppies and especially my very loved adults. For all of you that are fortunate to have one of my retirees, I thank you from the bottom of my very large heart for continuing to love and care for them. them. 

Puppy Buyers Beware of Scams LikeThis One! 

I was contacted in the past from a person that noticed my dog Monet was being represented as the mother of some puppies for sale in Chicago. Since the guy knew this was not the alleged breeder in Chicago's dog, he played along with the alleged breeder to investigate what was going on. The person would only accept Western Union as a form of payment. The address he provided was to a University in Chicago. Once I found all this out, I went to the website that was advertising the puppies to find the alleged breeder and contact him myself. I already had feelings that site had a lot of puppy mill dogs on it like many sites like that do, but had no idea that they also had fraud on that site. The alleged breeder sent me a picture of my dog Monet and told me that was the mother of his puppies! I was outraged to see my beautiful Monet being represented in such a way. I keep on writing him, and he also told me the only form of payment he accepted was Western Union. I contacted Western Union. They flagged his name because there was another complaint against him that was pending. The lady sent him $1,000 and never got a puppy. All he has to do is get a fake ID, and continue doing this. I contacted the owner of the website, but he did not respond back or take his ad off. To make a long story short, be very weary of who you send money to. There are many scams out there. There are also many puppy mills out there abusing dogs like mad. Check out your breeder. If they take credit cards or Paypal, that is a good sign. You can reverse charges if you are cheated. At least, you know they are not one of those Western Union people. They may still be a puppy mill though so still investigate! Keep in mind that a lot of great breeders do not accept credit cards. I am not saying you have to accept credit cards or Paypal to be a good breeder. It just proves that you are a true business. Small breeders, for instance, cannot afford the expenses associated with dealing with credit card merchant services. Just be careful. Note: I have now been contacted at least a dozen times about my pictures being used by scam artists on websites that offer a lot of puppy mill puppies on it.
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Click here to see a video of a puppy mill raid. I do not provide registration papers on my puppies until proof of spay/neuter for a reason. If you look at this video, it will make you sick if you care about dogs. Even though I lose a lot of business by not providing registration until proof of spay/neuter, I do what I have to do to help protect my puppies. A life in a tiny crate with no medical care or love is not what I want for my babies. I do sell to breeders at times, but I do want to make sure I feel comfortable with them first. After looking at this video, make sure you realize that when you buy a puppy from a petshop or on line without being able to PHYSICALLY see the parents living conditions, you ARE the reason for this abuse. They use your money to support what they do. Shame on you.

Click here to rescue a puppy mill dog.
(Puppy mills are everywhere. Click here to learn how to spot one.)

Click here to read about a huge puppy mill in Florida that keeps changing its name and see lots of graffic videos and information.
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