Directions and Contact Information

Uey's Chihuahuas

352-427-7662 cell
352-347-0404 home
6am to 8pm eastern time


Open 365 days a year

We are worth Visiting. 

Contact Information

Very Easy To Find Location
12 miles from Ocala
Located on a Major Highway
1 hour 15 minute drive at the most from Orlando
1.5 hour drive from Tampa
Right next to The Villages

We do not need a huge advance notice to get ready for visitors just 3 hours or so and are available 365 days a year.
If you just show up here, I will not answer my door.  This is a home, and you need to make an appointment.

Write for more pictures or information. Email:


Unfortunatly most breeding dogs actually suffer like this dog. The main reason is because people contribute to puppy mills. They are told that puppies from pet shops come from "individual, small, local breeders" and they dig no further than their credit card. The fact is that puppy mills sell their puppies to someone, and the people that buy are NOT visiting their facility. Do not allow yourself to be lied to! Do not be the CAUSE of this abuse! DEMAND to see the living conditions of the puppy you buy. If the breeder tells you they don't allow visitors for whatever reason, know in your heart what the real reason is. Please do not contribute to the abuse of desperate little dogs just like this one!

 Please watch this video if you plan on visiting my place. It explains where to park. NOTE: Due to current and future viruses especially parvo, I no longer allow people to use my bathroom. Please make sure you go before coming to my home. I live 2 blocks from Publix and a gas station.
 (Click here to see a video of the living conditions of Uey's Chihuahuas and directions) 
  Please do not come here after visiting other breeders. This is the absolute worst thing you could do to my puppies. You are subjecting them to a host of problems ranging from parasites to the most dreaded puppy disease of all: PARVO. Many places do not practice the same dedicated measures that I do to ensure their puppies do not become subject to this horrible and deadly disease. No matter how hard I work to ensure my puppies do not become pray to Parvo, my efforts can all be worthless if a custumer carries parvo in on his or her shoes because he just left a filthly kennel prior to visiting my prescious babies. You are very welcome to pet and see the parents, but in most cases, you will not be allowed to touch the puppies unless they are over 5 weeks old. If you are coming here with 5 children expecting me to allow them to handle my puppies, you are wrong. If you cannot control your children, and I do mean CONTROL them, they will be asked to step outside and stay outside. I will not tolerate out of control children in the presence of my puppies. I love children, but I have a strong passion for the protection of my puppies. Children can easily drop puppies and have done it here in the past. I do not want to end up in court with a judge telling me that I should have KNOWN BETTER than to allow children to handle my pups in the first place after the child kills my puppy.
I am in no way discuraging families from visiting my home. There is nothing more satisifying than handing a nice family a puppy that I am proud to give them. This puppy is one that I feel confident will not cause the family, particulary the children, any heartach because of the puppy getting sick a few days after the family gets to know him or her. That is all I am doing is avoiding heartache by practicing healthy measures.
Please read the specific directions below rather than just using a GPS.  Our property is large, and it is important to go to the proper entrance.
7979 SE HWY 42
Summerfield Florida
Once you get to highway 42, if you are coming from the west (highway 301, the turnpike or interstate 75), you will drive about 3 minutes until you see a big yellow church on the right. After the church, you will see a large sign that says The Villages in front of a golf course. After that sign, you will make your first left. It is right across the street from the pond at the golf course. After you make that left, our driveway is the first one on the left. It is on 2 acres. The gate will be open. You will know you are at the right place when you see Uey Lane on the gate and a huge sigh that warns people to stay  Please make sure you park at the side gate. You will know it is the right gate when you see Uey Lane. If you park at the highway 42 gate,
you will have to walk around the property to the side gate. It is a mess to get in and out of too because of the highway. The side gate is the right gate, and very easy to deal with.
Once you get to highway 42, if you are coming from the east (highway 441), you will drive about 3 minutes until you see 80th avenue on the right. Turn right on 80th avenue. Our driveway is the first one on the left. It is on 2 acres. The gate will be open. You will know you are at the right place when you see Uey Lane on the gate and a huge sigh that warns people to stay off our property. Park right there at the gate. Honk your horn. I will come out and give you an outside tour prior to going inside.
(Puppy mills are everywhere. Click here to learn how to spot one.)