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I put this on the top because it is the most important item to have on hand; even though you will most likely never use it.  
When puppies go to new homes, they are stressed. Even if they act happy as can be, they miss their family and them miss me.
If the stress causes loose stools, it is not only messy. It can also be deadly. This product stops most loose stool within a few hours.
It can literally save the life of your puppy.

This is the way I train my puppies to go potty. In a confined area, they are pretty good at using it.
If you put this in a playpen, and have it in the area where you want your puppy to go once they are free to run around the house, it really makes training a lot easier. 

The reason why I use this brand of puppy food is because it is harder for puppies to choak on. The pieces crumble; unlike other brands.
It is also made in the USA with ingredients I look for in a quality food, and the company has been in business since the 1940's. 
I leave food down for growing puppies all day and all night until they are a year old.
I give them quality canned food or cottage cheese (4% fat) two or three times a day until they are eating really well and do not need it.

Since your puppy's nails have been cut each week since birth, they are not freaked out when someone tries to cut their nails.
There is no need to take your puppy to a groomer or a vet to get them cut. All you need is a pair of these and one minute of your time. 

This is my dogs and my puppies favorite treat.
Get a big bag because you will need it.
I give each puppy a SMALL handful (about ten pieces) once a day.

Nylabone makes great chew toys of all sorts.
I love this variety pack.

I used to recommend metal playpens until I found out about these.
Plastic playpens like this one are a lot safer; considering one out of 8 puppies and dogs
learn how to clime out of the metal ones. I have seen puppies as small as 2 pounds climb.
This can lead to injury or death.


Most people choose beds that are nicer than this one, and it is a bad idea for a tiny puppy.
Since they can fall over when playing with themselves or others, they can hit their heads.
Having a flatter bed like this one is much safer to use until your puppy grows a bit.

This product is truly a life saver. Why have them drink just water when you can have them get calories and nutrients in their water?
I keep water down at all times, and give them this in a seperate bowl once a day. I put in enough to last all day, throw out what's left after 24 hours and give more fresh milk.
They love this and it prevents lots of problems.This big can of dry is great. You only use what you need. With the premixed cans, you have way too much waste.

Check online for toys with a beating heart. There are several to choose from and they really help puppies that miss their siblings and their old environment.
Fetch Insurance

I have health insurance for my dogs through Fetch. Their phone number is 800-241-1449. They only charge around $230 to $250 a year depending on your zip code for a chihuahua puppy. They cover accidents, illness and more. You only pay a once a year deductible and small percentage. The latest plan I have been choosing for my dogs is $300 deductible, 90% coverage and $5,000 per year max payout. Considering chihuahua puppies are easily injured and can get sick until they had their third booster, this plan is a must have. It covers retained puppy teeth or retained testicles; which are very common in chihuahuas and are not covered by my health guarantee. If your male has a retained testicle, they even pay for the neuter. I bring each puppy to the vet for a documented knee check prior to selling them and do not cover future knee problems. Chihuahua puppy's knees do not have fully developed structure in their ligaments. That does not happen until they are about a year old. Because of this, if you allow them to exercise or jump too much, it can cause future problems that can be very expensive to repair. Chihuahua breeders exclude knees in their health contracts for this reason: You cannot prove if the problem is related to injury or genetics. All a breeder can and should do is exactly what I am doing: recomending insurance that covers knees like Fetch does and breeding out genetic issues to the best of their ability. Knee repair can cost upwards of $2,800 per knee. I love my puppies and want the best medical care for them if they should ever need it.  If you ever experienced a trip to a vet emergency room, you know how stressful it can be. Not only is your dog in serious trouble, but you are slso being ripped off by over priced medical procedures to make the stress even worse. Having this prlicy makes things way more tolerable. Please take my advise and purchase a policy for your puppy. There is a 15 day waiting period for this policy; so I advise you to purchase the policy 2 weeks prior to getting your puppy or as soon as you get your puppy. .
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