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Stelda's and Tucker's relatives (Note: Tucker and Stelda were not bred by me and I do not have pictures of their parents.)
I do have plenty of pictures of their lovely offspring though listed below
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Tucker, the beautiful father

Tucker again

Tucker again. What a beautiful boy!

Stelda the beautiful mother

Stelda the perfect mother up close and personal

This is Tucker's daugher Teddi from a different mother

Teddy all grown up

Kimberley is Stelda's look a like daughter from a different father
Kimberly is also Tucker's half sister
This means she shares 3/4 the same genes as this litter of puppies

The lovely Kimberley once more

Stelda is stunning even right after giving birth

Perfect Miss Stelda once more.

Stelda's lovely son from a different father

Another one of Stelda's sons

Here is that perfect little boy one more time

Stelda's little girl from a different father

Marbles is Tucker's daughter. Every single one of Tucker's puppies have to die for looks and personalities.

The lovely Marbles again

Jeanine is Tucker's daughter from another mother. And yes, she is always this happy.

Jeanine one more time.

Frankie is Tucker's son from a different mother. He is stunning and super tiny.

Frankie one more time.

Frankie's mom sent me this pic of Frankie at exactly one year old and 2.5 pounds

Frankie's mom keeps sending me these pics, and I keep stealing them!

Timmy is Tucker's son from a different mother. What a lucky baby boy.

Timmy saying hi

Romeo is also Tucker's son from another mother. What a cutie pie.

 Tucker's tinnie tiny son Capone  from a different mother

The darling Capone again

Meet Rose, Capone's sister

Rose about a year later looks even cuter

And look at what another year did to her stunning looks!!!

Sometimes pretty little Tucker likes to get dressed up in his favorite color and go on walks.

Otis (left) is Tucker's lovely son.

Otis again

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